Lynea Diaz-Hagan


“Coulterville” is a multimedia installation exhibited in April 2016 at Live Worms Gallery in North Beach. Click here to view images from the installation. Below are two excerpts from the installation’s soundtrack comprised of voice over (actor: Darran Moore), singing and vocal processing (performed by Lynea).

“Dr. Moore’s Voice Memos”

“Audra’s Song”

“Dendrochronology: A Work In Progress” studies the sounds of “progress” in the logging community of Willits, CA. The soundscape attempts to capture how nature, industry, and humanity interact to create a distinct aural signature that reflects the identity of a place. The following is a short excerpt of the 13-minute piece.

Both “Coulterville” and “Dendrochronology” were developed with artist grants from North Street Collective in Willits, CA. Many thanks to Natasha Hoehn and Noel Woodhouse for providing me with a very meaningful level of support and opportunity to explore new territory with my creative work.

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